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4 Carrier Products that Effectively Improve IAQ

March 29, 2016

When you want your home clean, you buy the necessary cleaning supplies to combat dust and grime. When you want clean air in your Ocala, Florida, home, you invest in the best indoor air quality (IAQ) products from a respected company like Carrier. Discover how Carrier’s air purifiers, UV lamps, and energy recovery ventilators can help you improve your home’s IAQ.

The Infinity Series Air Purifier

When you want clean air inside your home, use an air purifier. Air purifiers trap and kill microbes while filtering other pollutants like smoke and animal dander out of the air.

Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier GAPA is strong enough to filter the air in your home eight times in an hour. This unit can capture particles as small as three-tenths of a micron, eliminating 99 percent of captured germs and common household allergens.

The Performance Series Energy Recovery Ventilator

If anyone in your home has asthma or allergies it is a good idea to look into ventilation options. Dust, dirt, and allergens can enter your home no matter how careful you are and you don’t want to seal these particles inside your home.

Carrier provides different Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) of different sizes and models to best fit your home’s specific needs as well as the needs of its occupants. An ERV moves fresh, clean outdoor air into your home while transferring stale air outside your home.

ERVs use the energy that comes from the airflow to help in the air cleaning process, making them an energy-efficient addition to your home’s ventilation system. ERVs also filter the air being pulled from the outside before directing that air into the rooms of your home.

The Performance Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Humidity is a major source of IAQ problems. High humidity creates the type of hot, damp conditions that encourage mold to thrive and mold spores are both respiratory irritants and asthma triggers. Your air conditioning system can offer some humidity-removing power on its own, but sometimes that level is not enough to control your home’s humidity.

Carrier offers the Performance Whole-Home Dehumidifier, a powerful way to remove significant amounts of humidity from your home. If you need to remove humidity from only a portion of your home, Carrier offers a smaller model too. Your HVAC technician will be able to help you decide what size dehumidifier makes sense for your home.

The dehumidifier automatically detects the humidity in your house and adjusts the level so you can avoid having to do so yourself. This whole-home dehumidifier also pairs well with zoning systems to give you increased comfort in each room. It uses an MERV 8 air filter to clean the air the unit dehumidifies.

The Performance Series Germicidal UV Lamps

Your air conditioner’s indoor coil cool plays a very important role in cooling, but since it is near the drain pan and in a dark environment, the indoor coil often attracts mold growth. Mold on your indoor coil can enter your HVAC system and spread throughout your home as air flows through the system.

To correct mold and bacteria growth on your indoor coil, turn to a germicidal UV lamp. These lamps shine UV light directly on the coil and the drain pan. The UV light kills mold, bacteria, and other microbes that may collect on the coil. As a bonus, a clean coil also ensures your air conditioning unit runs at top efficiency, allowing you to reduce energy consumption.

UV lamps are perfectly safe for use. Your HVAC technician will install the lamp and it is located in an area that is out of sight, so you won’t have to worry about curious children mistaking it for a toy. Carrier offers germicidal UV lamps in both single- and double-bulb formats to best fit your specific HVAC system.

Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer. Our team is your resource for effective IAQ solutions. To learn more about these products, to purchase a Carrier product for your home, or to have a member of our services team install a system in your home, call us today 352-282-4763.

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