HVAC Zoning for Comfort

Why HVAC Zoning Is the Way to Go

December 2, 2017

Just because your HVAC system can’t keep up with your heating and cooling demands doesn’t mean you need to replace it. Instead, HVAC zoning might be the ideal solution for your Summerfield, Florida, home. From counteracting sun exposure to saving energy, find out why HVAC zoning is the way to go.

Counteract Uneven Sun Exposure

When you live in the Summerfield area, you can expect ample sunshine throughout the year. That doesn’t always mean that each side of your home receives the same amount of sun exposure, though. In fact, for much of the year, the southern and western sides of your home will typically receive more sun than the northern or eastern sides. That means you’ll experience a wide range of temperatures in either side of your home.

Since lowering the temperature to make sunnier rooms cooler often makes shadier rooms too chilly, you need a smarter solution. HVAC zoning allows you to divide your home into two or more heating and cooling zones. This allows you to control the temperature separately for each. That means that sun exposure on the southern side of your home never causes temperature issues in your north-facing rooms.

Keep Everyone Comfortable

At Sun Kool Air Conditioning, we know that it’s rare to find family members who can all agree on a comfortable indoor temperature. For instance, you might prefer your home on the warm side, while your spouse likes it cool. Your kids might even complain they can’t sleep unless it’s chilly.

If everyone in your household is on a different temperature wavelength, HVAC zoning can keep the whole family comfortable. Talk with our team about establishing different HVAC zones for your home’s upstairs and downstairs levels. Or think about creating separate zones for the bedrooms. With distinct HVAC zones in place, you can easily set the optimal temperature for everyone in your family.

Stop Wasting Energy

While temperature differences throughout your home can certainly cause discomfort, another common side effect is energy waste. After all, if you’re overcooling your whole home just to account for sun exposure in a few rooms, your HVAC system run as efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, zoning can help prevent your HVAC system from wasting energy. When we equip your HVAC system with zoning, our team installs a series of dampers in the ductwork. Each connects to a central circuit board, and you can control heating and cooling in the various zones from their individual thermostats. Though you can program each individual thermostat with energy-efficient settings, it’s even easier to save energy and lower your utility bill when you can control every zone from one central location.

Smart thermostats like the Infinity Remote Access Touch Control can accommodate up to eight HVAC zones, so you can program and monitor every part of your home from one convenient spot. Since this model is Wi-Fi enabled, you can even adjust temperature settings from your smartphone while you’re on the go.

Avoid Cooling Unused Spaces

If you’re like most Summerfield homeowners, not every room in your home receives the same amount of use. You might use the bedrooms, family room and kitchen every day of the year, but you might reserve the study and guest rooms for special occasions or certain days of the week. If you use some rooms less frequently than others, why waste resources on heating and cooling them?

With HVAC zoning, it’s easy to designate your home office, sunroom or guest bedrooms as separate zones distinct from the busiest rooms in your home. While you’ll want to keep most of your home cool, you can dial back the temperature settings in rooms that see less traffic. You’ll save even more energy while keeping everyone comfortable all year round.

Whether you want to keep the whole family comfortable or you’re concerned about energy efficiency, HVAC zoning can help. Want to learn more? Call the HVAC experts at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. today at 877-962-2120.

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