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Small Things Can Add up to Big Energy Savings

May 28, 2016

Using less energy is important for the environment and for your bank account. You already know that if you replace all of your HVAC and kitchen appliances with more efficient versions, you’ll save energy and money in your Leesburg, Florida, home. It’s easy to believe the only way to make an impact is to make big changes but it’s not true. If you are not quite ready to spend a lot of money to use less energy, you can still save with several small and inexpensive changes.

Cooling Efficiency

Your heating and cooling system is the biggest energy drain in your home, and is a good place to start to find energy savings.

  • Schedule maintenance twice a year – ideally in spring and fall. Your system will be checked for problems with small repairs being made before they become huge expensive headaches.
  • Check your air filters monthly and change them at least every three months. Clogged filters don’t move air as easily as clean filters.
  • Add a programmable thermostat, and if possible, consider a smart thermostat. You will have greater control over when your air turns on and at what temperature. Some smart thermostats offer reports to show you how energy is being used and where you can save.
  • Let ceiling fans help you feel cooler so your AC runs less often. In the summer, fans should turn counter-clockwise.
  • Watch cooking activities as these can generate a lot of heat in the home. Opt instead for quick meals or outdoor grilling.
  • Seal cracks and openings around walls, doors, and electrical outlets to keep warm air out in summer and cool air out in winter.

Around the House

There are plenty of small things you can do around your house to use less energy without breaking the bank.

  • Change standard light bulbs out to CFL or LED options. They’ll use less energy overall and they’ll need to be replaced less frequently, creating less waste.
  • Plug your electronics into a power strip so that you can unplug them more easily when they/re not in use.
  • Do full loads of dishes and laundry to avoid wasting energy.
  • Clean your refrigerator coils regularly. When the coils get dirty, your refrigerator has to work even harder to maintain a steady temperature.
  • Unplug your battery chargers when they’re not in use. They will still drain energy if left plugged into the socket.
  • Use a sleep or hibernate mode for your computer instead of a screen saver. Plenty of energy is being used to make those bubbles blip across your screen.

In the Garage/Laundry Room

These areas generally lack insulation and can affect air conditioning significantly. Insulation is very important in and around these areas. To help control energy waste:

  • Hang your clothes out to dry. A summer in Florida means afternoon storms are likely, so time this one for the morning or after the rain has passed by.
  • If you use your dryer, run several loads back to back. Since it will already be warm, the dryer will need less energy to get up to the correct temperature after the first load and therefore require less drying time.
  • Lower the temperature on your water heater. This prevents accidental burns as well as energy waste.
  • If your water heater is older, wrap it to keep it insulated. This is very easily accomplished and does not require much time or expenditure.

Some activities on the list may not give you big results by themselves but when added together, little by little, over time, you will see a difference. You will use a lot less energy in your home which helps the planet and your wallet. When you are ready to schedule your HVAC maintenance or if you are ready to upgrade to more energy-efficient options, contact us at Sun Kool Air Conditioning by calling 352-282-4763.

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