Smelly Home

3 Reasons Your Home Smells Off

April 25, 2017

You’re preparing your Gardendale, Alabama, home for guests, and you realize something in your home smells funny. It isn’t the garbage or the kitchen sink, so what is it? HVAC systems, indoor air quality (IAQ)  issues, and home textiles can create disagreeable odors that permeate your home and impinge on your comfort. It’s time to do something about them.

You’ve Got Hidden Mildew

Mildew has an odd, sickly-sweet smell which is not at all pleasant. In older houses, it might live in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, or even as a fine coating on some of your walls. Bleach is a fantastic way to get rid of mildew and its unappealing smell. Mix bleach with warm water to create a solution for washing your walls. For the bathroom and the kitchen, foaming bleach spray works wonders.

Your HVAC System Is Dirty

A dirty air filter or dirty ducts will blow musty smells throughout your home. Change your AC filter once a month. Call us for a duct cleaning if you haven’t been changing that filter, because debris is probably hanging out in your ducts. Duct-cleaning plus routine maintenance should fix any strange smells coming from your AC.

Your Textiles Need Some Love

Most of us wash our clothes, bath towels, and sheets frequently. Otherwise, they start to smell funky. How often do you wash your curtains, steam-clean your rugs, or spray down your couches and chairs? The home is full of textiles we never wash, and like our washable textiles, these fabrics pick up odors, too. Remember to wash your curtains, take your rugs outside to beat them, and vacuum your couches and chairs. A little homemade room spray will also help freshen up couches and chairs.

A Sun Kool technician will clean your HVAC system and recommend the best air filters for your home. Plus, your IAQ will improve after you’ve had your maintenance appointment. Ready to eliminate those loathsome smells? Call us now at 205-209-4246 .

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