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4 High-Tech Heat Pump Features

July 14, 2016

Heat pumps are well known for their versatility, energy efficiency, and dehumidifying capabilities. But for those who love technology, a heat pump also offers many high-tech features that make it especially great for keeping your home comfortable year-round. If you are interested in installing a heat pump in your Ocala, Florida, home this summer, here are four high-tech heat pumps features you may not have known about.

Two-Speed Compressors

While standard heat pump compressors can only operate at full capacity, those with two-speed compressors can vary their operation to accommodate home heating and cooling needs. This minimizes energy use, saves you money on your electric bill, and keeps the compressor from wearing out quickly. Two-speed compressors also work well with zoned systems, which allow you to set different temperatures in different rooms of your home.

Greenspeed Intelligence

In Carrier’s Infinity Series heat pumps, Greenspeed Intelligence blends adaptable-speed technology and the Infinity control’s intelligence to maximize in-home comfort. This function is possible as the system adjusts output to give your home the perfect level of heating or cooling at all times. With Greenspeed Intelligence, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and capable of operating longer, steadier, and more quietly than standard heat pumps.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology varies heat pump operating speeds depending on the heating or cooling needs of the home. This way, the heat pump never wastes energy through frequently turning on or off. This more-efficient operation can therefore save you hundreds of dollars each year in utility costs. Inverter technology also operates very quietly, thanks to its silent blade technology and insulated components.

Variable-speed Motors

Variable-speed motors keep indoor temperatures comfortable by controlling the indoor and outdoor blower components of the heat pump. Variable-speed motors adjust output based on your air conditioning needs. This option minimizes cold drafts and maximizes energy savings. These motors even reduce blower noise.

With a variety of high-tech features, a heat pump system could be perfect for your home. To learn more about installing a heat pump in your home, contact Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. today at 352-282-4763 in the Wildwood area.

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