UV Light Air Purification Makes Couple Happy

4 Benefits of UV Light Air Purification in Ocala, FL

July 11, 2021

We’ve all learned that what we breathe has a direct effect on our health, especially when it’s in the air in our homes. Now more than ever, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your air cleaner, safer and healthier. Here are four benefits you’ll enjoy when you install UV light air purification inside your HVAC system in Ocala, FL:

Destroy Odor-Causing Particles

Most of the unpleasant odors that occupy your home come from particles producing gases like methane. If you destroy those particles, they can’t produce the odoriferous gases.

UV light air purification works by rendering these particles inert. This means they’re not able to complete their cellular functions, including respiration. Respiration is the process that produces these gases.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Some particles, including very small ones, get through your air filter. When they do, they settle on your evaporator coil, heat exchanger, circulating fan and in your ducts.

The real problem with these particles is the biological contaminants that don’t just settle but multiply. It’s the multiplication process that creates significant airflow restrictions that reduce efficiency. By rendering these particles inert, you prevent the multiplication, maintaining high efficiency and reducing strain-related HVAC repairs.

Remove Dangerous Chemicals

Chemicals are some of the common airborne contaminants in your home. These include not only chemicals from cleaning products but also volatile organic compounds. These are chemicals hidden in everything from linens and clothes to paints and furniture.

The chemical contaminants are often in gas form, so they can easily get past the filter and get recirculated. A UV light air purifier helps break down these chemicals by destroying the bond that holds them together.

Reduce Allergens and Contagions

What many people tune into when thinking about air quality are allergens and contagions. These are often small particles that slip right past the air filter, especially contagions. UV air purifiers render these particles inert so they can no longer start the reaction in your body.

Start loving the air you breathe by working to improve its quality. Call to schedule your consultation with an indoor air quality specialist at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.

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