Best Heating Options for Florida Homes

October 10, 2013

Although Ocala, FL, isn’t known for harsh winters, there can be occasional years in which below-freezing temperatures are reached. Reliable heating is particularly important on these chilly days, and there are many options to consider as you design a new home, look for a new residence or upgrade your existing heating system. It’s important to consider fuels, performance issues and current home HVAC solutions as you explore your choices.

Access to Fuel

Gas heating is a popular choice throughout the nation because it provides affordable heating. Annual heating can be provided at about one-fourth of the cost for using oil, making the gas vs oil furnace debate easy to decide for those who have gas lines available. Oil burns hotter than gas, an additional benefit to those in regions that experience brutal winter conditions. Florida conditions, however, rarely require this intensity in heating, making oil heating impractical for most in our region.

When you consider the option of a heat pump vs furnace, access to gas is an important consideration. Lack of access makes a heat pump the better option in a new home, especially in light of the fact that a heat pump also provides efficient cooling during our hot summers. If you are designing a home, a heat pump will provide an affordable solution without the need for wasting space by installing a separate heating source. A heat pump may be an excellent option for homeowners faced with the need to replace an existing air conditioner as well, ensuring that multiple purposes are served with a single system.

Hybrid Heat

Dual fuel systems can provide local homeowners with the benefits of both electricity and gas. If you are able to connect to gas lines, then you will appreciate the affordability of the fuel on colder days. At the same time, you can make the most of efficient electrical heating on mild days. A hybrid system merges a heat pump with an efficient furnace to enable homeowners to access both heating options. It’s helpful to know that a hybrid unit is designed to direct heating activity based on the current conditions. You don’t have to worry about remembering to switch from gas to electric as the system does it for you.

When Are Boilers Appropriate?

The hot summers in Florida make central air conditioning an important need in every home. As a result, it is often most affordable to include forced air heating in home designs. However, radiant heating has become an attractive design feature in modern architecture as special tubing is run through floors, ceilings or walls to carry heated water throughout a structure. If this is your interest, a boiler will be an integral part of the system. If you are considering the purchase of a home that is outfitted with a boiler, the most affordable solution may be to continue with this heating method.

Sun Kool Air Conditioning can consult with your architectural team to provide insight about your possible heating options if you are in the planning stages of a new home. If you need to replace an old heating unit, we can assist you in finding the best options based on your existing structure and usage. Contact our Ocala, FL, office to get started.

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