Best Home Temperature

Best Home Temperature for Every Age

March 9, 2018

Residents of Ocala, Florida, have different needs at different ages, and that’s especially true about your home’s temperature. Whether you have a multi-generational household or you’re just curious about ideal temperature settings, here are the best home temperatures for every age:

Best Home Temperature for Babies

People mistakenly believe that they need to crank up the heat when they bring their new baby home. Babies actually sleep better and are more comfortable when it’s a little cooler.

The temperature in the home should be between 68 and 70 degrees with the relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent. Consider getting a fan and a dehumidifier for the hot Florida summers to maintain that level in the baby’s room.

Best Home Temperature for Teens and Adults

During the day, teens and adults don’t have a golden temperature. You should set the temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible without compromising comfort to see the most energy savings. To get the best night’s sleep, turn the thermostat down a few degrees.

Best Home Temperature for Elderly Persons

Elderly persons should maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, which should hover around 70 degrees during the day and lower at night to encourage good sleep. People make the mistake of trying to make homes of the elderly too warm. Homes that are too warm or humid become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, which can make people sick. Since those who are aging are more susceptible to getting sick and have a harder time recovering from illness, it’s important to keep bacteria at bay.

If you have questions about temperature settings or controlling humidity, we’re the people to call. Contact Sun Kool Air Conditioning at 877-962-2120 to speak with an HVAC expert today.

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