Don’t Just Hire a Licensed Contractor, Ask About NATE Certification

July 14, 2015

NATE contractorMaintaining your HVAC system is a major part of keeping your home comfortable year-round, and when you want service, you want expert attention. You should always look for technicians who are licensed, bonded and insured, but checking your technicians’ NATE certification will hold them to the highest standards of quality.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) does not certify HVAC companies as a whole. Rather, each individual technician certified by NATE has personally demonstrated a high degree of technical skill and knowledge. And while licensing requirements may vary by organization, NATE sets an industry standard.

Some warranties might specify how equipment is to be installed. To ensure you do not void your warranty, it is best to employ the services of a professional HVAC contractor. Since NATE certification, requires a broader range of knowledge, there is a higher likelihood that your contractor will be competent and experienced in addressing issues in your system, no matter the brand.

The NATE curriculum is updated frequently to keep abreast of recent improvements in HVAC technology. Certification through NATE expires at the end of two or three years, depending on specialization, and re-certification requires proof of continuing education in the HVAC field. NATE-certified technicians therefore demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving their skills. NATE’s tests are developed in conjunction with industry experts, so training is always relevant.

If you are considering HVAC maintenance or installation, request a NATE-certified technician from your local HVAC experts. If you are planning specific projects, such as the installation of a ductless heat pump, or a home energy audit, ask if any of the available technicians took a NATE specialization test in that target area. Take the time to find technicians with the highest degree of up-to-date knowledge for real peace of mind.

Learn more about NATE certification, as well as Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.’s HVAC services, or give us a call at (352)282-4763.

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