Are These Energy Savings Myths Running Up Your Energy Bills?

July 11, 2014

energy savings mythsSaving money on energy bills, especially in Florida during the hot season, is the subject of many discussions. Some of the ideas brought up are simply energy savings myths. Many of these sound good, but they’ll cost you more money in energy in the short term.

Energy Savings Myths

  • MYTH: Get the house cooler quicker by turning down the thermostat. Air conditioning systems cool at one speed. Turning the thermostat down to uncomfortable levels will require more energy to heat it back up.
  • MYTH: Cool empty rooms with fans. Fans cool people, not rooms.The fan creates a bit of a breeze which cools the skin via the wind chill effect. Homeowners who use ceiling fans alongside an air conditioning system can set the thermostat up a few degrees to save energy. Just remember to turn off all fans when the rooms are empty.
  • MYTH: Save money by closing AC registers in rooms not being used. This energy savings myth may sound good, but AC units are balanced to work for your home. It will continue to pump cool air to that register and that energy is wasted.
  • MYTH: Turn the AC off when you leave the house. This will allow the home to heat up and force you to spend more energy to get it back down to a comfortable level. Turning it up a bit while you’re gone will help conserve energy.
  • MYTH: Only an air conditioner can keep you cool. The emphasis is on the keeping part. Keeping the blinds or drapes closed before the heat of the day shines in will help temper the heat. Fans directed at pulling heat away from you will also augment any cooling system you have.

Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc., in the Ocala area can help you dispel other energy savings myths and help keep you comfortable year-round.

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