Is Your HVAC Draining Energy From Your Home?

March 5, 2015

Certain home energy myths may be interfering with your ability to make your home as efficient as possible. Finding out the truth behind those myths will help you keep your home efficient and comfortable.Sun Kool Air Conditioning

Common Home Energy Myths

  • Myth: Upgrading to a high efficiency HVAC system will automatically save you money.
    A more efficient system will give you some savings, but it may not be as much as you think. Incorrect installation and poor duct design can waste over 30 percent of the energy used by heating and cooling systems.

    • Myth: Turning the thermostat super low will cool the home faster.
      Most home heating and cooling systems run at one speed. That means the same amount of conditioned¬† air will come out, no matter how much you change the thermostat. If you keep the thermostat set too high or too low, you’re more likely to forget to change it before it’s too late and you’ve wasted energy.
  • Myth: Leaving lights and small appliances on requires less energy than turning them off.
    Some devices do use a small surge of energy when turned on, but that amount of energy doesn’t compare with the energy lost when you leave a light or small appliance on when not in use.
  • Myth: You’ll pay more for energy efficient appliances and HVAC equipment.
    Actually, many energy efficient products are marketed as premium items, all with advanced features. In many cases, you’re paying more for the additional features than for the energy efficiency itself. Take refrigerators as an example. The energy efficiency of a fridge seems to have no correlation to its price. With HVAC equipment, it’s entirely possible to get a smaller, more efficient system for less money.

Learn more about home energy myths from the pros at Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc., or contact us today at 352-282-4763 to schedule an appointment.

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