Scary HVAC Symptoms

3 HVAC Horrors to Scare You This Halloween

October 25, 2017

It’s that time of year when ghosts, monsters and adorable princesses show up on your doorstep in Citrus County, Florida, begging for candy. But the fall season can also cause HVAC horrors that need immediate attention.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

One of the scariest HVAC issues your family can face is poor indoor air quality. You’ve run your air conditioner all summer, and unless you’ve stayed on top of things, dust might have built up on your filters and inside the ductwork.

Exposure to poor indoor air quality aggravates asthma and allergy symptoms, and can even cause headaches, fatigue and dizziness. If you change your filters regularly and still experience problems, schedule a duct cleaning or an air quality assessment.

Legionnaire’s Disease

Did you know there’s a type of pneumonia that spreads through air conditioning units? It’s called Legionnaire’s disease, and it’s serious business.

The bacteria travel through mist. While most people exposed to it never develop symptoms, those with weakened immune systems, like the elderly and those with chronic lung disease, can. Having a professional service technician maintain your HVAC system is the only way to prevent the bacteria from growing.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly, so it’s crucial to adhere to proper safety tips. Maintain a carbon monoxide detector in your home at all times, and act quickly if it does go off. This means opening all the doors and windows, turning off your heating system and appliances, and calling the fire department.

These HVAC-related horrors are enough to scare anyone this Halloween season. Protect your family from becoming part of a spooky HVAC story by calling Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. at 877-962-2120. Our service technicians can identify your HVAC issues and suggest solutions.

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