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Does Your HVAC Need to be Repaired?

March 13, 2017

You know you need HVAC repair when you turn on your system and nothing happens. However, there are other indications that you need a service call. If you schedule it immediately, you can save yourself a lot of money and avoid the expense of heating and air conditioning replacement. Here are some alarm bells that go off when your HVAC needs professional help:

  • Weak airflow. Weak airflow usually means cold air is backed up somewhere in the system, and this backed-up air can seriously damage your equipment. Weak airflow indicates the unit is not operating efficiently, and the extra strain can crash the system.
  • Frozen air conditioner. If your AC is delivering warm air or no air and the filter is wet, or there is moisture or a leak near the unit, your AC may be frozen. Usually, the copper evaporator coils will be covered with ice. Don’t “let it go;” turn off the unit and summon the nearest Metropolis AC technician. The longer the system runs, the more it will damage the compressor, and compressor damage usually means the end of the unit.
  • Noises you haven’t heard before. When it comes to heating and cooling equipment, no noise is good noise. Clanking usually means that loose parts are rubbing together. Ignoring this can be costly. Squealing or screeching usually means that a belt or motor bearing needs replacement. This is an inexpensive fix unless the parts break, and they will unless you call for service. Loud banging means a part is broken, and rattling indicates trouble with the motor assembly. If you hear noises, turn off the unit and let a professional handle it.

Heating and air conditioner replacements are expensive, but you can avoid breakdowns by fixing problems promptly. To troubleshoot your system over the phone or to schedule emergency heater or AC repair in Metropolis, visit ABC Air or call (123) 456-7890.

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