Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

January 4, 2014

Most people are familiar with the concept of air pollution and how it affects the outdoor environment. The sight of smog over a large city or news alerts for high ozone days has made outdoor air pollution awareness a part of everyday life. What you might not be aware of, however, is how the quality of air within your Leesburg, FL, home affects your quality of life. Our team at Sun Kool Air Conditioning offers this guidance to help you understand the signs of unhealthy indoor air and learn what you can do about it.

Indications That Your Home Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

While you won’t receive an alert about smog or particulates within your house, the air inside of it can be just as unhealthy as breathing in auto exhaust or smoke from a factory. When your home’s air quality is poor, you might notice some of these signs:

  • Your house gets dusty quickly.
  • Your air conditioner’s air filter fills with dust and dirt every month or two.
  • You or your family suffer from allergies, worsening asthma and other respiratory problems at home. Your symptoms are better when you spend time somewhere else.
  • You have noticed mold or mildew growth in the basement, bathroom, or other spaces around your house.
  • You or your family members frequently suffer from colds, sinus infections, and other respiratory maladies.
  • Your heating and cooling system doesn’t perform as efficiently or effectively as it should.

Why Air Quality Matters

A poor quality of indoor air could be making you sick. Breathing in particles of dust, chemical fumes, and other indoor air pollutants may cause you to have headaches, flu-like symptoms, and breathing problems. Your home may become dusty and dirty quickly after cleaning. These problems can make it difficult for your to rest, relax and enjoy your home.

How To Improve the Air Quality Within Your Home

Fortunately, you and your family members and guests you invite into your home do not have to continue to suffer from unhealthy indoor air. You can take action by:

  • Installing an air purification system. These devices are able to capture particulates and refresh the indoor air.
  • Installing high efficiency filters on your heating and cooling system. HEPA filters offer the best level of indoor air cleaning.
  • Air cleaners, including portable and built-in devices, can help improve the air quality in problem areas such as basements, and bathrooms.
  • Routine heating and cooling system maintenance will also help make your home’s air quality healthier.

If you suspect your home’s air is unhealthy, give our team at Sun Kool Air Conditioning a call at any time. We offer specials on services that will help make your home a healthier and cleaner place.

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