Storm Impacts AC System

4 Steps to Protect the AC System During Storm Season in Clermont, FL

August 2, 2021

Hurricane season can cause strong winds, heavy rains and a storm surge that can be quite destructive. Besides protecting your home and family from the aftermath of the hurricane, you should also protect the air conditioner. Read on to understand different ways that you can protect your AC system before and after a storm strikes in Clermont, FL.

Turn Off the Power to the AC System

Lightning strikes that cause electrical surges and power outages during hurricane season are common. To protect your AC system plus other major electric appliances from surge damage, turn off the power from the thermostat and electric breaker. Do not restore power to your home before the storm passes and you know that there’s no risk of flooding.

Clear Loose Objects From the Yard

Before a storm passes, you should spend time clearing loose objects such as stones, sticks and debris from the yard. The strong winds can carry these loose objects and cause damage to the external components of the air conditioner. Flying debris can also get stuck in the outdoor unit and cause the burning of the motor.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

As soon as the storm passes, you should contact a professional service technician to assess any damages to your AC system. Despite taking precautions, strong winds, flooding and flying debris can sometimes cause significant damages to the unit. Scheduling AC maintenance after the storm will give you peace of mind that your unit is working properly, and you can know whether you need to replace it.

Cover the Air Conditioning System

Most components of the air conditioner, such as air filters and fan blades, are quite delicate. Therefore, covering the unit with a tarp is the best way to protect it from damages caused by flying objects. To be safe, you should cover the unit before the storm begins.

Don’t turn on your air conditioner before removing the tarp and inspecting the system for any damages. Contact Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. for professional HVAC services before, during and after any severe summer storm.

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