The 3 Big Factors Influencing Your Home Comfort

June 9, 2015

factors that affect home comfortEveryone wants to be comfortable in their home, no matter what it’s like outside. If it’s too hot, too cold, too muggy or even difficult to breathe, you’re not getting the comfort that you need. What can you do about it? Here are three of the biggest factors that affect home comfort and how you should pay attention to each.

Temperature Control

Different areas of your home can have drastically different temperatures. If you have multiple floors, there can be as much as 10 degrees difference between the first and second level. Rooms that get direct sunlight are hotter during the day, while rooms without windows might be too cold.

Fortunately, modern thermostats are smart. They can automatically adjust the indoor temperature based on the outdoor temperature. They can even receive WiFi signals that allow you to adjust the temperature remotely. Many can also adjust humidity as well as temperature, allowing you even better control over the factors that affect home comfort.


Humidity can make your home feel hotter than it actually is, as well as clammy and uncomfortable when it gets high enough. Your HVAC system actually acts as a dehumidifier, sucking moisture out of the air, but it can’t be regulated. Some days it might not be enough, whereas other days it might make things too dry. Controlling the humidity level in your home will help you be more comfortable no matter what the temperature is.

Indoor Air Quality

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you know the problems that poor indoor air quality can cause, including difficulty breathing. Even without allergies, dirty air still feels unpleasant, and the impurities can get in your eyes, nose and lungs. A quality air filter, replaced regularly, can help keep your home’s air clean so your family can breathe easier.

To take control of the factors that affect home comfort, check out Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc.’s home comfort solutions, or call 352-282-4763.

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