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3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About HVAC Systems

September 21, 2020

How long an HVAC system lasts depends on the climate and frequency of maintenance. To keep your HVAC system in Ocala, FL, lasting long, you should sign up for a maintenance plan and monitor the system’s condition.

Preventive Maintenance is a Must

If you want to limit how much money you spend on cooling your home, preventive maintenance is necessary. HVAC systems lose efficiency when they’re not tuned up on an annual basis.

Your HVAC system is also more likely to break down when it doesn’t receive regular maintenance. Moving parts in the appliance lose lubrication as they work hard to cool your home. Ocala has long, hot summers with the average high staying in the 90s for four straight months.

The prime time for scheduling AC maintenance in Ocala is in early spring. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the air conditioner is ready to go for the hot summer months.

What You Need to Do for Maintenance

Some HVAC maintenance tasks are necessary on a monthly rather than an annual basis. Fortunately, you’re able to do these tasks on your own. Clean the air filter every month, or change it if the type of air filter it takes is replaceable. Also, clean the vents on a monthly basis.

You should maintain a clearance of two feet around the condenser, which is the part of your HVAC system commonly set up outside. Clear off leaves, tree branches, pollen and other debris. You can check the condenser on a monthly basis or every other week.

Don’t hose off the condenser unless you first turn off the power to it. You don’t want to damage its internal components.

Stay Aware of the HVAC System’s Condition

When the HVAC system malfunctions, it’s important to immediately schedule AC service. Repairing the system at the first sign of trouble prevents more things going wrong with it.

To new homeowners, the warning signs of HVAC problems might not always be apparent. A rattling noise might seem like a minor nuisance to you, but it’s still an issue that requires a service call.

There are some signs you can look for that let you know when you should schedule HVAC repair. Schedule repair if your system:

  • Has rust growing on the appliance.
  • Makes unusual sounds like banging, thumping, squealing or rattling.
  • Emits a musty odor.
  • Leaks, whether this is water or refrigerant.
  • Has weak airflow.

Your HVAC system is likely to last a long time when you stay on top of maintenance and schedule AC repair whenever something is wrong with the appliance. Contact Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. to sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan or to set an appointment for repairs.

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