Smart Thermostat

Why Smart Thermostat Location Matters in Ocala, FL

October 21, 2022

Your HVAC thermostat in Ocala, FL, is an essential component to maintaining indoor air temperatures. However, wrong placement leads to false readings influencing the performance and bills. Read on to learn why installing your smart thermostat in the right location matters to your home comfort and energy efficiency.

Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength Matters

Smart thermostats rely on the internet to detect temperature shifts and maintain desired settings in your home. As you may have noticed, the Wi-Fi strength decreases with distance. It implies the further your device is from the router, the poorer it’ll perform.

For the best efficiency and performance of your smart thermostat, ensure it’s within range of the strongest Wi-Fi signals. Good connectivity allows you to get real-time alerts on issues of your HVAC system as they happen. Therefore, place the thermostat far from obstacles to signal strength and interferences from radio waves.

Aim for the Central Part

The center of your home provides the best location for your thermostat. This area is free from heat fluctuation caused by outdoor weather and gives accurate average temperatures.

Choosing an interior wall, preferably in the dining or living room, helps give authentic temperature readings. Outdoor weather conditions easily influence the temperatures on exterior walls giving ghost readings of your home.

Stay Away From Drafty Areas

Places close to windows and doors fool the thermostat with false readings because of air drafts. Also, avoid placing your thermostat below or near air vents as the warm air influence thermostat readings.

Avoid Heat-Emitting Appliances

Heat-emitting appliances, such as ovens, TV and stovetops, can throw your system off by detecting warmer temperatures. Additionally, avoid the kitchen and plumbing faucets, as these areas have higher temperatures than usual.

Call Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. for further discussions about thermostat placement and our heating services. We also provide installations, repairs and maintenance.

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